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Levi Strauss LED Project

Dale Tweedy of Levi Strauss & Co and Don Arrigo of Energy Efficiency Pros with the rebate check presented by NV Energy

The Nationwide LED Lighting Retrofit Solution Pros

Energy Efficiency Pros is an industry leader in providing sustainable, low energy commercial lighting retrofit solutions. With a wide range of high-efficiency LED lighting solutions fixtures and lighting control systems. We offer an unparalleled combination of expertise, energy and cost savings. Our company was founded in 2010 to meet the need for high-efficiency commercial lighting retrofit solutions. In addition to the environmental benefits, our LED fixtures provide energy savings of 50-80% over traditional lighting, while increasing lighting quality and safety.

Why Energy Efficiency Pros?

As lighting technology advances, so does the information needed to fully understand the new capabilities and possibilities. We know from experience that there is a lot of junk out there and that there are companies that claim to deliver cheaper LED solutions. That’s not what we do. We focus on delivering the highest quality, energy efficient LED lighting retrofit solution for your specific application. We accomplish this through our proven Energy Efficiency Pros Process that begins with a comprehensive energy audit, savings report and through our established partnerships with top LED lighting manufacturers, determine the ideal product configuration, then design and deliver the optimal LED lighting replacement solution for you!

How You Benefit from Our Expertise

Most of our retrofit projects pay for themselves within 1-2 years and our customers continue to see ongoing payback for the next decade, as a result of lower energy and maintenance costs. Combine that with our deep knowledge of energy tax incentives and utility company rebates and the return on investment we can deliver you gets even better! Our network of trained and certified Energy Efficiency Pros, supported by our team of energy efficient lighting experts has decades of combined experience in the commercial lighting industry, bringing vast product knowledge and expertise in understanding LED technology and applications. With a growing nationwide focus on energy sustainability we are proud to provide energy efficient lighting retrofit solutions for businesses, property management firms, schools, hospitals, municipalities and government organizations. For more information about how Energy Efficiency Pros can help you, please Contact Us